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Thanks Again Everyone…

Thanks again to anyone and everyone who made it out to any of The School of Hard Rocks seminars. We hope you’ve found them interesting and informative; and ideally, we hope they will help you and your band make wiser decisions down the line. For those of you who missed last night’s presentation, listen in […]

New Distribution Methods in the Modern Era (Part 2)

Ok. I realize this may be asking more than you’re willing to do, but before you pass any judgments, hear me out. I want you to listen to this podcast with Mike Shinda of Linkin Park.  WAIT… DON’T CLOSE THE PAGE. Regardless of what your opinion is of his band’s music, Mike has seen a […]


Last night was a blast. A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended. For those of you who missed it (or for those of you who want to hear our lovely voices again), listen in or download the mp3 below…   Have A Listen: The School of Hard Rocks – Part 2: Download […]