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Record Your Record

Times, they are a changing. Any idiot with a couple of bucks can buy a setup to record music.  I would know, I’m one of them. Now, this blog isn’t designed to be a hand holding adventure to bring you into the world of recording, so I’ll try to keep this to a minimum. Having […]

Promote Your Band. Seriously.

On April 26th, we’ll be talking about gigging. Part of gigging is promoting the hell out of the show, your band, and releases. If you hadn’t noticed the links on the right side(bar) of this page, let me introduce it to you. Take a look at these links.  They are all viable ways to promote […]

Something Stinks Around Here…

In an unusual flash of inspiration, I decided to login to my band’s myspace page this morning. While wading through the typical friend requests and e-mails that were sent to us two months prior, I stumbled upon this little gem in my inbox from user: ourmusicexperience (who is neither friend or acquaintance). The ELVi, We […]