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Another One Bites The Dust

Over the last thee to four years, we’ve seen a handful of forward thinking sites try to pull the industry in a new direction. One of the larger ones being The early concept: Trade cd’s with people, legally. Put up a want list, and a have list, and just trade discs with people, for […]

Tom Hess Gives Advice!

Tom Hess is a Chicago Musician who has sustained a career in the music industry. Considering all of the facts and issues we’ve presented over the last few months, you should understand how difficult that is, and truly appreciate what he has to say. Lucky for you, he actually has a lot to say, and […]

New Distribution Methods in the Modern Era (Part 3)

Now that you’ve heard Mike Shinoda talk about labels and youtube, lets look at it from another perspective. OK GO. Here is a band that managed to rocket themselves into stardom because they found a way to be creative, capture it for little to no money, and post it on youtube. I will assume you […]

New Distribution Methods in the Modern Era (Part 2)

Ok. I realize this may be asking more than you’re willing to do, but before you pass any judgments, hear me out. I want you to listen to this podcast with Mike Shinda of Linkin Park. ¬†WAIT… DON’T CLOSE THE PAGE. Regardless of what your opinion is of his band’s music, Mike has seen a […]

Ted Leo Thinks You Should Quit Music

Well, maybe not… But he does recognize the current situation for indie musicians out there. Having been writing and releasing music for the better part of 20 years, he has a unique perspective, and in this interview, he’s quite frank. Talking about touring, part time jobs, lack of health insurance, and being broke, is all […]