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Are You the “Starving-Artist” Type?

The last couple of days have presented some interesting articles in regards to money distribution for digital sales & streams. While on the surface, up-and-coming player Spotify seems like a great source for users (and attempting to curb illegal downloading), it appears there’s more to it than meets the eye. While I fully support the […]

Corporate Sell Out!!!

Editor’s note: Yes, it’s true. I’m double posting. But please keep in mind, I’m old enough to convince myself it’s being “efficient” rather than “lazy”. While the term “sell out” has been thrown around the music industry for years, it’s never been more true to its meaning than it is today. In the wake of […]

I Want My (Sixty) Two Dollars!

  There isn’t much for me to say, that this lovely animated picture didn’t already say for me. What we have here is an artist who released music on Warner Bros (a Major Label).┬áHe has posted a recent statement which included his first figures for the online sales of his band’s record(s). It shows that […]

Do You Want a Big or Small Slice?

It’s been tough for the Music Industry to embrace technology… In the case of the visual pie chart, this is one of those rare instances where CDs continue to show more premise than MP3s.    

“The Problem with Music,” by Steve Albini

You may not know who Steve Albini is, but you’ve undoubtedly heard what he’s done. He’s recorded and produced records by Nirvana, The Jesus Lizard, and Grayslake’s own Chevelle. On the off chance you’re not familiar with those bands, you’ve have unknowingly been exposed to his massive influence. Replicating the notorious Albini sound has been […]