KEN Mode & Forbes?

You read that right.

Forbes recently did an article with the uniquely heavy band, KEN Mode.

It’s a great read about why bands need to have some form of business education, to keep sustained success. What helps them out as a band is that two of their members are accounts.

Check it out here!

BandPage Hangout with Jack Conte

BandPage, is one of the most popular ways to modify your website/facebook page. To continue helping musicians, they have really amped up their YouTube page.

This GoogleHangout is one of my favorite posts they’ve made. They talked with Jack Conte of Pomplamoose about utilizing YouTube as a form of new-media distribution for your music.

Watch on YouTube

Renman Music & Business

Steve Rennie made his name as the manager for Incubus.

These days, he’s doing what he can to help educate musicians as to the ways of the industry.

His website is a goldmine of information, and he has started a new live-stream RennmanU program.

Can’t be the price of…

We’re Back

In 2014, we’re planning in hosting MONTHLY MUSIC MEETINGS at The Oasis in Grayslake, IL!

Each event will be 2 hours long, on the third Tuesday of each month.

The first hour of the event will be a discussion on one (of the many) topics we’ve outlined on this website. Gigging, booking, marketing, gear, scams, recording, merch, etc.

The second hour will be a bit of a mixer for area bands. We want to encourage bands to hang out, network, and learn from each other. Discuss good area venues, or exchange contacts. Give marketing tips, or help promote each other.

Stay tuned here, or watch for events on the Oasis Facebook page.

Grizzly Bear

The members of Grizzly Bear recently sat down, and talked about the realities of selling 200 THOUSAND records.

They go over their lifestyle, and how much (or little), they make from being an upper echelon indie band.

Go read it!