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We’re Back

In 2014, we’re planning in hosting MONTHLY MUSIC MEETINGS at The Oasis in Grayslake, IL! Each event will be 2 hours long, on the third Tuesday of each month. The first hour of the event will be a discussion on one (of the many) topics we’ve outlined on this website. Gigging, booking, marketing, gear, scams, […]

We’re Sorry.

Life gets in the way sometimes. Back on track. Expect posts!

Goodbye CD’s?

We have our first big sign. Cd’s death is nearing. Sony is closing a large physical media plant.

There Goes Radio

Here is a great article on the transition of college radio stations moving from their classic broadcasting methods, to all internet. This is done in hopes to both save money, and keep up with what the students want. There are some great points here, and personally I think it is very wise to make sure […]

Daath Breaks Hearts.

Time for a harsh realization. Giving a band (you like) your demo, is a useless, embarrassing act. Daath sums it up nicely, and throws in a few nice analogies….here. Check it out!