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Sargent House Gets It.

Way to go Sargent House Records. This makes me feel like there is some honest hope out there for bands. The people behind Sargent House have made it simple. If you get offered a contract, email it to them. They’ll read it over and advise you on whether it’s legitimate. For free. Gratis. No money […]

Great Industry Interview with Ben Weinman Ben Weinman, the brains behind Dillinger Escape Plan sits down for 40+ minutes, and discusses his thoughts on the industry, labels, promotion, and his band.

Still Want To Be A Rockstar?

Well, you’re a glutton for punishment then, aren’t you. If there is any one concept we’ve tried to really sell, it’s that getting signed isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. To further drive that point home, go check out a great new post over on The best quote from the article is: […]

The Truth About Gigging

…in a major market. Chicago especially.