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Are Bands Making Money On Tour?

Here is a little breakdown of the finances of a touring band, courtesy of Shane from O’Sleeper.

20 Things No One Told You

Til Now! These are just great, real world tips about the reality of gigging in a small scale band. Read up!

The Role of the Modern Booking Agent

If you’re an artist hoping to be involved with a booking agent in the near future, this is a must watch!

16 Different Mics on a Guitar Cab

You spent $1100 on a head. $500 on a cab. $500 on pedals. Do you have any idea how much the mic changes your sound?

Work Towards Sustainability

The hyperbot has a great guest column written by The Cynical Musician. He breaks down the numbers of what it takes to have your band be sustainable. Essentially, have the band make as much money as you spend on it. It’s not quite that simplistic, and absolutely worth the read! Check it out here!