Invest in City On Film

Bob Nanna (Braid, Hey Mercedes, City on Film, Jack & Ace) has an interesting proposition for you.

He wants to release a new City on Film EP, and is giving you the opportunity to invest in the project, via his (brilliant) website, Downwrite.

The website is essentially a song store where fans can purchase custom songs from some of their favorite artists.

He opted to put a unique spin on it, by giving the purchaser a chance to recoup their investment on the release!

I want to record a brand new 6 song City On Film EP and source it exclusively via this Downwrite profile! I’m making 6 songs available down there for the Solo/Multi-Instrument Studio Recording price of $300. (Choose the “Six/Fourteen” option) I will use the $ to go into the studio and record the 6 songs using your inspirations. When it’s done, i’ll digitally (and independently) release it. But that’s not all.

I’ll give you, the purchaser a portion of the songwriting credit, which means you’ll make royalties each time the song is purchased. If all goes well, you’ll make your money back AND THEN SOME.

Check out the details of the project, HERE!

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